What is a Leather Car Seat Interior?

What is a Leather Car Seat Interior?

Quite simply we manufacture and fit the entire interior of a cars soft coverings and any additional coverings including the material on the inside of door panels.

The existing material (or leather) covers are stripped from the seats and discarded. The leather seat equivalent are then installed over the bare seats and secured in the same way as the original seat covers. The door panels of a car are usually covered in the same material as the original seats. If this is the case then enough leather is also provided to cover these sections. Basically the way in which the original coverings are removed is the exact reverse of installing the brand new leather interior. Our leather interiors are not just simple seat covers. They are designed to replace your original seat coverings completely. Our leather car seat interiors will look, fit, and feel as good as or better than the factory leather interior.

This whole process can be done in a day. You can deliver your car or we’ll pick it up for an extra charge. We’ll then strip your cars interior and fit the new one. Your car will then be ready for pick up or redelivery back to you.

The Leather Car Interior Manufacturing Process
We only use Auto quality leather combined with fire retardant foam to produce our interiors. Durkopp Adler sewing machines are used to create the perfect finish.

All of our Leather is quality checked before production: The leather and patterns are prepared.
leather quality checked leather kits are prepared
Each pattern is then hand cut. Durkopp Addler Machines are then used in the sewing process.
leather is cut Durkopp Addler Machines
Each interior part is then cleaned and checked for quality.
Leather car kits are quality checked
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